ZEITGEIST: The Movie is a three part film. The film, unedited, is two hours long in this order:

1. Religion

2. World Trade Center

3. Federal Reserve System

This film focuses on suppressed historical & modern information about currently dominant social institutions, while also exploring what could be in store for humanity if the power structures at large continue their patterns of self-interest, corruption, and consolidation.

“ZEITGEIST: The Movie”
[ RELEASED 6/25/07 ]

Watch The Entire Unedited Movie Below

ZEITGEIST: ADDENDUM attempts to locate the root causes of this pervasive social corruption, while offering a solution. This solution is not based on politics, morality, laws, or any other “establishment” notions of human affairs, but rather on a modern, non-superstitious based understanding of what we are and how we align with nature, to which we are a part.

[ RELEASED 10/02/08 ]

Watch The Entire Unedited Movie Below

THE ZEITGEIST MOVEMENT It is a public domain work, in a simple slide show style, intended to give a more specific overview of the tenets of The Movement. This should help clarify a lot of the misinformation and false assumptions out there.


Watch The Entire Unedited Movie Below

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