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5-3-12 Esoteric Cosmos Live Show Evolution Of Consciousness

4-19-12 Esoteric Cosmos Live Show Cleansing Yourself With Distilled Water

3-8-12 Esoteric Cosmos Live Show Remote Viewing Into The Future, Plans, Safe Zones, etc.

3-1-12 Live Show Human Evolution Spiritual Revolution

2-16-12 Live Show Rosebud Shares Her Recent E.T. Visitation Along With An Important Message

2-9-12 Live Show Special Guest Shares Her Incredible Physic Abilities & Profound Wisdom

2-2-12 Live Show Special Guest Tony Hua, Self Sustainable Living, The Venus Project, Occupy Self

1-26-12 Live Show Black Projects, Time Lines, 2012 Ascension or New World Order On Earth?

1-19-12 Live Show Strange Noises, SOPA & Miraculous Ho’oponopono Healing Technique

1-12-12 Live Show We’re Back With An Important 2012 Message

Click on any of the Esoteric Cosmos Live show titles below to view the 60 minute video episode!

Project Blue Beam Staged Alien Invasion NWO

Obama Birth Certificate Treason?

Shocking UFO Video Clips

2012 States Of Consciousness

2012 Predictions?

How To Awaken Your Chakras

Obama Briefed About Aliens UFO’s And Black Projects

How To See UFOs

Night Vision Goggles UFO Sightings

Proof Of UFO Star Wars In Space

Billy Meier Alien UFOs | Pleiadian UFO Pictures

Swine Flu Vaccine Conspiracy | Swine Flu Epidemic

Moon Rising | UFO’s On The Moon In Full Color

Best UFO Video Clips Of 2009

My UFO Sighting August 2009

NASA TV Live UFO Sightings

5 Mile Long UFO – Suppressed NASA Images

William Cooper Is A Legend

The Anunnaki, Nibiru & 2012

How Consciousness Really Works

The Real Story About America

Fluoride Is Poison And You’re Drinking It!

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