Spiritual Reality

Spiritual Reality – Journey Within transforms your life with greater Understandings.

Journey Within explains with world class animations, visuals with enchanting Music the Science of Meditation, Meditation Technique and the Meditation Experiences one experiences in Meditation with total clarity.

This is the outcome of decades of personal Spiritual Experiences and Spiritual Research in other frequency realities by Pratap Reddy, SPACE.

Spiritual Reality-Journey Within explains the process of Meditation and highest Meditation Experiences like Third Eye, Astral Travel, Nirvana, Knowledge of Spirit, and Knowledge of Life after Life and the state of Enlightenment.

Part 1 of 7 Video Series

Part 2 of 7 Video Series

Part 3 of 7 Video Series

Part 4 of 7 Video Series

Part 5 of 7 Video Series

Part 6 of 7 Video Series

Part 7 of 7 Video Series

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