Shocking UFO Video Clips

In this episode of Esoteric Cosmos Live we expose shocking UFO Video Clips including swarms of flying saucers close up in daytime caught on this amazing video and seen by thousands of witnesses.

Also we share live testimonial from Apollo 14 Astronaut Dr. Edgar Mitchell on Fox News admitting the secret government has been covering up the FACT that flying saucers and extra terrestrials exist. He shares what he has witnessed himself in some of the most shocking credible evidence right on the main stream media.

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  1. 2 Responses to “Shocking UFO Video Clips”

  2. Friends,My name is Ray Walker.My real name is Waweya,that is my Kickapoo name given to me by tribal elders.My real last name is Bear Walks Laughing,it was forceably shortened by the Marine Corp. All tribes have little spirit people whom live somewhere close by.Only a few can see them,mostly healers.They guide the “medicine men”to healing plants. Through the advent of digital photography several have been caught on film.Take a guess what they look like?The alien greys.We have known this for a long time. Bear Walks Laughing


    By Ray [Bear Walks Laughing] on Jul 25, 2010

  3. Once, the vibration is overcome. We can use the electronic media against itself by interjecting the higher vibration through the tv and radio sets and out to people thereby turning their energy onto itself, disrupting their transmission.


    By Craig on Aug 4, 2010

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