My UFO Sighting August 2009

Witness over 30 minutes of Real UFO Footage recorded August 13 2009 right in the front of our home in Kissimmee, Florida.

This exclusive Real UFO Footage can very well be some of the best UFO Footage ever caught on tape.

This UFO Footage all started when we were driving to pick up some dinner to eat. As we were driving all of a sudden we spotted several UFO’s which sparked our curiosity so we followed them for 15-20 minutes until we lost them or they disappeared.

Then upon arriving back home pulling in our driveway we spotted several more Real UFO’s which resembled energy orbs/spheres right outside our house coupled with what looked like to be hi-tech looking military aircraft.

I then ran inside the house and grabbed my Canon ZR960 video recorder which has a 2,000X digital zoom allowing us to capture some of the most incredible Real UFO Footage ever recorded.

You will also notice these UFO energy orbs/spheres materialize forming new UFO’s from thin air. This is absolutely amazing and possibly some of the most mind-numbing in your face Real UFO Footage ever caught on film.

30 Minutes Of Real UFO Footage – UFO Sighting August 2009

We want answers and I want to get to the bottom of this. I would love to hear comments from everyone .

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