Galactic Federation Of Light

Who Are The Galactic Federation of Light, and what is their mission?

May this information awaken the peace that resides within you.
Humanity is receiving visitation from our off-world star brothers and sisters.

Yes there ARE spaceships in the sky!

The Galactic Federation of Light is a group of several star nations who have several million ships currently surrounding planet earth.

Unlike that which humans are used to, these beings are peaceful, loving, highly intelligent and very in tune with God and Creator Source.

They are like more perfected versions of us, they are slightly shorter, the women are pretty, the men are handsome… they are an example to humans what can be achieved when a species is highly spiritually evolved.

Brief summary of contents include:

-Government Negotiations
-Draconians and Reptilians
-Earth Changes
-Twin Towers
-A specific Crop Circle
-What Is
-Parallel Dimensions
-Structure of the Universe
-Name of God
-Council of Nine
-Understanding Duality
-Where did we come from?
-Astral Dimensions
-Spirit Guides
-The Omniverse
-The Grand Plan of Creation
-Serpent Races and Bird Tribes
-Uniting the White Light of Knowledge and Conditional Love
-Winged Dragon of Ra
-Son of Star Wars
-Christ Consciousness
-The Golden Age
-Veil of Illusion, the Matrix
-Cycle to end all Cycles
-Precessional Cycle and Golden Ratio
-The Sphinx
-The Pyramids
-Star of David
-Harmonic Wisdom
-Magnetic Grids and the Flower of Life Ascension
-9/11 Gateway
-Holy Trinity
-Planetary Lightbody
-Closing of the Cycle
-5 Platonic Solids
-Eternal Ether/Flame/Spirit
-(Ending) Where Truth Is.

Part 1 of 12 Video Series

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Part 11 of 12 Video Series

Part 12 of 12 Video Series

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  1. 7 Responses to “Galactic Federation Of Light”

  2. What a great resource!


    admin Reply:

    thanks, glad u enjoyed the post!

    love & light


    By student loan on May 6, 2010

  3. I’ve recently started a blog, the information you provide on this site has helped me tremendously. Thank you for all of your time & work.


    admin Reply:

    glad I can help assist you my friend

    much love,


    By ultrasound technician on Jun 15, 2010

  4. If the confederation was real and they are so much “smarter” then us they would just come down and help


    admin Reply:

    great question,

    They don’t feel they should interfere with the problems we have got our own-selves into. However, if enough people wake up to reality and ask for their help then they will provide their assistance. It’s up to us at this point!

    love & light


    By Sean on Jun 21, 2010

  5. i want to believe in ufos ets gfl more than anyone but maybe its all positve love giving disinformation to secretly change us all from inside to out i hope im 110% wrong and they show themselves soon we all need them way more than they well even need us


    By justin on Sep 15, 2010

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