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Bob Dean: Bringing in the Light

Bob Dean is a legend in his own time. He is, I believe, a one-man disclosure project. Ask him to the party and you barely need anyone else to make the case, for the truth behind ufos, ETs and the secret space program. He lends a touch of class to everything he touches.

After two brilliant interviews with Dean, imagine my surprise when I got a call from him telling me he wanted to come forward again… He had, he says, barely grazed the surface of what he knows. Hard to believe but who am I to quarrel with the ‘great Yoda”?

So to Laughlin we went. I was accompanied by Jack Burns, the notorious, future, giver of Camelot conferences… A man who has attracted controversy and even, some believe, ignominy to Camelot in the process…. When these two war horses met it was a meeting of brothers. They had ridden together back in the days of the Knights Templar, they said. And Dean greeted him like the long lost comrade he was. With Jack’s help — handling the roving camera… I sat down with the retired Command Sergeant Major to have another go… and down the rabbit hole we went. A bit deeper in search of the real truth behind the matrix. And Bob did what he does best… bringing in the light.

Kerry Lynn Cassidy
Aoril 2010
Interview shot in February 2010

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  2. This man is so interesting and informative. I do think that he’s wrong about the population, not being ready. Maybe everyone isn’t ready, but I think that MOST people ARE ready.

    What ever happens, Truth far outweighs deception. I, for one, would much rather know the Truth (even if it changed my whole way of thinking), than live inside of a lie.

    Great video. Thanks for posting this.


    admin Reply:

    hey Diana, always a pleasure having you stop by :)

    I agree, the population is ready in my opinion however, I can understand where he’s coming from as the masses are so dumbed down they don’t even want to know true reality if it hit them in the face….they are still busy being a good slave and living in la la land lol

    We are enlightened souls and u are right truth outweighs deception and people DESERVE to know the truth.

    Glad u enjoyed this amazing interview, Bob Dean is awesome.

    love & light
    Justin Verrengia


    By Diana on Apr 28, 2010

  3. wow sweet story man.


    By how much should i weigh on May 1, 2010

  4. great post as usual!


    By TomPier on May 7, 2010

  5. Genial brief and this fill someone in on helped me alot in my college assignement. Gratefulness you on your information.


    By Wordpress Themes on Jul 2, 2010

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