The Anunnaki, Nibiru & 2012


In view of the growing speculation concerning 2012 – mostly using and misusing Zecharia Sitchin’s revelations regarding the planet Nibiru and the Anunnaki – Zecharia has agreed to speak out and give his authoritative information on the subject in an exclusive 2-hour lecture and slide presentation.

With a mass of evidence, he analyzes Mayan lore and ancient calendars, and guides the listener through biblical prophecies, to arrive at startling conclusions and precise predictions regarding the End of Days.

Who Are The Anunnaki & Planet X Niburu Overview

Are We Alone? – Zecharia Sitchen 1/6

Are We Alone? – Zecharia Sitchen 2/6

Are We Alone? – Zecharia Sitchen 3/6

Are We Alone? – Zecharia Sitchen 4/6

Are We Alone? – Zecharia Sitchen 5/6

Are We Alone? – Zecharia Sitchen 6/6

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  2. It was Ceuniform writing, not Heiroglyphics. I wish I could be part of your show. I would love to say what you are, but with greater understanding and more accurate facts. I think it is awesome that you are doing what you are, keep up the good work. Forgive my spelling. I know what I know. But getting it written, is not always easy for me. Maybe Michael Jackson’s father is right. Maybe he was murdered, and for wanting to bring this truth out. Like JFK, and his brother Bobby. Phillip Schneider. Jesus. The list is long! The evil ones are here, and trying to keep us down!


    admin Reply:

    hello Scotty, thanks for checking out the show and for commenting

    much love & continued light my friend

    Justin Verrengia


    By Scotty on Jun 29, 2010

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