Esoteric Cosmos.com was created by Justin Verrengia and his co-host Rosebud Kinkead who are dedicated to discovering and sharing hidden information for the spiritual advancement of all humankind.

Justin and Rosebud are dedicated researchers and teachers in the fields of hidden knowledge, meditation, consciousness, ufology, free energy and cosmic intelligence.

Along their spiritual journey here on earth, their definite major purpose is to help spread awareness of truth on a quest for knowledge through ascension of consciousness.

This website was put together to help guide you through a new dimensional shift taking place in our universe between ourselves and higher forms of cosmic intelligence.

As Justin and Rosebud spread awareness they focus investigations into the most esoteric realms ranging from extra-terrestrial visitation and contact, sacred geometry, time travel, free energy, meditation, the pineal gland, mind control, top secret classified advance technology, and other mysteries of life which have been purposely hidden from YOU and the entire general public.

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Rosebud Kinkead

Rosebud Kinkead

Justin Verrengia

Justin Verrengia

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